The A2V Case

This is a short and sweet one. I got contacted by a guy that runs a videography business in Connecticut. He’s been following the company for some time and really liked how the tables were looking but didn’t really have the clams to pony up for a full table.

So he jumped at the chance when I started doing Pong Cases. After all, they prevent spills, help store all the gear, and they bring that element of class to the party.

Plus, he was jazzed about the idea of a custom engraving that matched his company logo. He was planning on throwing parties with clients and potential clients and wanted the event to have some nice touches, such as a custom pong setup.

When I got a look at his logo, I knew that a simple engraving wouldn’t do. There were some really nice color details that just wouldn’t come out with a simple outline. So I devised a different approach.

First I did the engraving of “A2V” onto each exterior surface. Next, the color. I reversed the image and then printed it on a special piece of glossy paper that, when you then quickly press it onto wood, transfers the image of what you print quite perfectly. It’s a great way of getting awesome detail onto custom work.


No Pong Case would be complete without a sweet Victory Tables logo:

An important detail, both in terms of strength but also style, is the joinery used at each corner. This technique is called a spline, and it greatly improves durability while visually tying the work together. Since the rails are in maple and the playing surface is in cherry, a cherry spline visually unites the different parts:


The last element that the piece needed was some nice handles. Given the blue theme from the logo, I had to order some custom navy blue leather handles from a partnered vendor that gives me expedited shipping. Pretty sweet:


The final product really came together nicely. It shipped with complementary balls and cups, and my client was extremely happy with the result. This one shipped through UPS and only cost about $30 to ship.

If you’re interested in getting started with an idea like this, shoot me at note at and let’s get started!