It started with a birthday present for the buddy who introduced me to the game. It was constructed with simple #2 pine 1x3, a luan top, 1 5/8'' drywall screws that were recessed and wood-filled for a smoother finish. No legs - you just flopped it on another table. I did a full 9' because my buddy was always accused of leaning (sorry Joe).  

Eventually, when enough people tell you that you should sell something, you start to listen. 

But in considering what it would take to build a beer pong table that people wouldn't be embarrassed to have in their home, some important design parameters emerged. 

Legs. Folding design so you could take it on the road or get it out of the way. Light enough to transport. Nice enough to display. Exact specs to meet official beer pong dimensions. 

The result is the Victory One. We hope you enjoy it.