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It all started with a birthday present for a buddy.  We had been playing beruit on a long cardboard box, which over the course of weeks was beginning to sag and, frankly, smell.  While there was a certain charm and jocularity to this decidedly pedestrian apparatus, in my bones I sensed a better way. 

The progenitor to the Victory Tables you see today was a simple design. Two 2'x4.5'x3" frames from pine, skinned on one side with luan - a thin but stainable veneer I was well acquainted with from my theater tech days. It had no legs; one simply unfolded it onto another table top. Oh, and I made it 9' long with the stipulation that the table would then have no "leaning" restrictions. This was because my buddy was always getting flak for leaning (even when he wasn't, which was a particularly crippling psychological attack for him). After some wood filling, staining, and sealing the table was complete. 

The resulting table got quite a lot of use, including at my bachelor party where we snapped this picture.  


A personal gift becomes a luxury brand.


What I learned from this new equipment was that playing on a classy table elevates the game. Yes there is still trash talking, and buffoonery of various sorts, experimentation with new house rules, and blistering distraction defense - but the whole experience becomes framed within an air of legitimacy.  We're allowed to do this. We're supposed to be doing this.  Have you seen the table?

So I took a step back from my management consulting position and put the skills of my prior life back into practice. As a finish carpenter, furniture builder, and theatrical set designer, I was well versed in crafting experiences that last. Now I have the opportunity to leverage that skillset in the service of elevating beer pong into the pantheon of revered parlor games where it deserves to be. Let’s make that happen together.

So that's a little about the genesis of the idea that beer pong can be classy. We're out to prove it one table at a time, and we look forward to helping you claim victory.