Scatter comes to North Philly

 I got an email from a really nice guy in North Philly with a pretty interesting request. He was looking for a table on which he could play a different kind of pong called Scatter. I’d never heard of Scatter but it sounds awesome. There are four players and four balls in play at once. Each player has six 9 oz cups that they can … wait for it… scatter all over a large table. You can shot at will any ball you rebound. Your job is to knock everyone else out before your cups are gone. Sounds really fun!

The big challenge with this build was how best to create a wide playing surface - 8 feet long by 5 (!) feet wide. We looked at a number of options and in the end decided to go with two identical tables, each 8 feet by 2.5 feet wide, that could link together to form the desired dimensions.

Because the tables needed to connect, I wanted to create the tops out of solid maple, but concluded that some other expertise was needed to ensure the 2.5’ wide panels were perfect. For that I contracted the work to an amish woodworker I know… who just so happened to be in Pennsylvania. I found it pretty cool that I sourced this work in the same state that the table would end up in. On my way to pick up the panels I snapped this picture from the car. It’s a woman in a long dress operating a horse drawn plow. That’s the real deal right there.


At any rate the tables came together really nicely. I opted for a center leg on both tables to aid in keeping them straight and for extra support. You can imagine an overzealous rebounder going for an errant ball putting considerable weight on the spine of the table. Here are a few pictures of the final product:

Oh, and one other thing - his last name started with a D and he was interested in slapping on a calligraphy style D on each table.

When I heard that, I knew the only course of action was to call up a buddy of mine. He’s a graffiti and calligraphy artist who has a pretty serious day job so you won’t get to see him. But we workshopped a bunch of different D’s, settled on one, pulled into my X-carve software to route out a stencil, airbrushed the outline, and then filled it in more fully with a brush. After some light blue detailing, the D was looking pretty choice!

I met my customer halfway - literally. We agreed it was easier to both drive in each others’ direction and meet in the middle to complete the transfer of the table. He was really happy with the result, and I’m awaiting pictures of Scatter!

If you’re interested in getting started with an idea like this, shoot me at note at and let’s get started!