The Two-Toned Beaut

Never a bad thing when a client circles back around for another project. I had the pleasure of making this dining table for a great young family living in NYC:

Clearly it’s a dining table primarily. I had to take a picture with a nice ten cup rack because… well, look how good it looks!

At any rate, Jane got in touch in late August in a bit of a bind. John’s 40th birthday was fast approaching and she had thought of the perfect gift for him but she was sure there wasn’t enough time to make it. John, like many of us, loves the game of beer pong - when people get together at their house, grilling and beer pong are understood to be the primary things one is doing. So could it be done in time? Well, it was time to get busy.

We got cracking right away. I interviewed Jane to figure out how they like to play. We also quickly zero’ed in on wood selection. No engraving needed on this one, but she did like the idea of a two-toned effect. We decided on a classy walnut and cherry effect:

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.55.33 PM.png

The other part I learned with I interviewed Jane is that in pervious parties, predictable disputes would simmer related to who had next. This gave me an idea: optional chalk board!

I got dusty and before you know it the table was coming together. I had saved some end cuts from the dining table project I did with this couple and because they wanted walnut I was able to use these end cuts in the build - specifically for the leg units and also some of the interior structural support. It’s amazing how often a nice piece of lumber comes in handy later.

I shared some options for what the playing surface pattern could be about a week into the build:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 2.50.54 PM.png

Jane checked with a close buddy of John’s, who had this to say: “10 cup rack is for amateurs and you can quote me.” I’m not sure he realized I would but I suspect he would stand by it regardless.

So we settled on option D and I moved to finalize the table. The chalk board idea came together nicely, as did the table if I do say so myself.

I shipped it on a Tuesday. It arrived on a Thursday about two weeks after we got started. On Saturday they had the party. Well played!

If you’re interested in getting started with an idea like this, shoot me at note at and let’s get started!